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About Us
What’s the HYPE?

HYPE is a program created by young professionals for young professionals. We are a diverse, Texas-sized group of professionals and entrepreneurs who meet regularly  to connect with each other and learn from Houston thought leaders. Through HYPE you will stay connected, be inspired and driven to thrive.

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Our Vision

We host networking events quarterly and there is networking time at every event. The more you come to HYPE events, the more familiar faces you will see.  Don’t forget your business cards!

Join like minded young professionals who are serious about their success. We encourage our members to grow their network and build something great together.

HYPE develops emerging leaders skills set and grows their personal network. We're serious about growing together. HYPE events are made to enable you to thrive along with your fellow members.

HYPE & The Greater Houston Partnership

HYPE is a program of Greater Houston Partnership. The Partnership addresses Houston's unique challenges, and champions the growth and success of our region. HYPE works alongside the Partnership to help the next generation of leaders grow.