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How old is the Houston Entrepreneur?
September 18th, 2018
By Tess Cook

If the image in your head of an entrepreneur is a 20-something with baggy clothes and a Starbucks addiction, you may need to think again. 

In reality, the average age of the Houston entrepreneur is 39.64 according to a study published by LendingTree. Houston ranks 23rd overall for youngest entrepreneurs out of the 50 largest U.S. metros, with the average founder age falling between 37 to 42 years old according to the study.

Other interesting facts:

  • Gen Xers helmed nearly 42 percent of new businesses founded in the last five years, with Millennials trailing right behind at 38 percent
  • Houston’s age breakout of business founder age:    

Houston Entrepreneur

The good news: if you are a Houstonian and an aspiring entrepreneur, the area’s lower cost of living may help you achieve your goals much faster. Houston remains the 4th most affordable metro among the largest cities nationwide according to research from the Greater Houston Partnership. 

And since we’re discussing Houston-based entrepreneurs, check out the latest local CEO featured by Houston Exponential, Sheel Tyle - Founder & CEO of Amplo.

LendingTree used anonymized data of approximately 1,100 entrepreneurs working to obtain a small business loan within the last five years. 

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