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Millennials Leaving NYC for HOU
June 23rd, 2020
By Melissa Fox

Research has shown countless times that millennials are smart and cautious consumers. We do our research before making a large purchase to ensure that we are getting the best deal and that the product reviews are solid. It seems that this mindset doesn’t stop at our shopping cart.

A recent study found that millennials are leaving cities like New York City and San Diego and flocking to cities that provide an affordable cost of living, many with no state income tax, and Houston is on the shortlist of where they are heading.

SmartAsset, a financial technology company, analyzed the most recent data from the Census Bureau’s 2018 1-year American Community Survey to determine which cities young professionals age 25 and 39 are moving to and which cities they are leaving.

Houston came out at number 6 on the SmartAsset list of cities where millennials want to be. In 2018, 18,548 millennials moved into the city, while only 15,313 individuals in the same age range moved out. This gives the Bayou City a net migration of 3,235 young professionals. 

When it came to overall states where millennials are moving, the Lone Star state topped the list at number one. More than 192,200 millennials moved to Texas in 2018, while only 138,700 moved out. This gives the state a net migration of 53,600 young professionals, the most of any state.

States in the south and southeast dominated the list, mostly due to affordability. 

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