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Why HP Inc. Hopes a New Cross-Generational Program Helps Retain Young Talent
September 28th, 2021
By David Ruiz

In recent months, many companies have also committed to a renewed focus on employee recruitment and retention efforts. That’s particularly in light of what experts have dubbed “The Great Resignation,” which refers to the massive shift in national employment as employers across the country struggle to hire employees and job openings are reportedly at a record high of over 10 million postings as of August. 

HP Inc., a Partnership board member company, is one organization that’s implementing measures to recruit and retain young talent. 

The HP Houston Young Employee Network - CrossGenerational Mentorship program offers millennial and Gen Z employees the opportunity to collaborate with executives and leadership at Houston's office. The goal is to encourage cross-generational collaboration and mentorship opportunities within the company’s workforce while retaining top tier talent. Participants meet in virtual forums and community-building events to engage and communicate with other program members. Organizers say over 20 employees are enrolled in the program.

Josh Park, Growth Marketing Manager and YEN Program Lead at HP, says the program provides growth and inclusive pathways for the organization’s younger staff members. “I want to ensure this program offers unique opportunities for young, ambitious and talented individuals at HP to be able to contribute and make a valuable impact in a way that was unlike any other at this company.”
Reinvigorated attention on Gen Z, whose ages range from 9 to 24 years old, is especially critical given the anticipated number of talent from that generation expected to enter the workforce in the coming years. According to a report by Oxford Economics and Snap Inc. published this past spring, the GenZ workforce in the U.S. Australia, France, Germany, the U.K. and the Netherlands is expected to triple within the next nine years to 87 million workers. 

Leng Lim, VP and Head of Commercial Architecture and Technology Solutions at HP, who also serves as a leadership mentee for YEN, noted the positive impact of frequent discussions with younger professionals. “We discuss and exchange ideas on how to influence the system and drive positive change,” said Lim. “I then bring those ideas back to my team and share with peers, such as flexibility with where and how talent wants to work, soliciting feedback on existing processes that may be outdated and encouraging team to voice their concerns."

In addition to attracting and keeping talent, HP’s YEN program also provides a space for real-time problem-solving discussions. 

Careisha Whyte, Finance Digital Solutions and millennial mentor at HP, said the program provides invaluable insight for young professionals. “I realized how intentional my leader partner was about developing younger employees and challenging the status quo. She always asked what we can do to fix a situation. That challenged me to change my own perspective," Whyte said.

Program organizers say while HP employees are currently meeting in a virtual environment due to COVID-19, they hope to bring participants together for in-person activities in the near future. 

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